About Us

Nobex was born in 1992 and can praise more than 30 years of activity. Leader in the production and distribution of fastening systems, Nobex continues its expansion in Italy and abroad. From the headquarters in Siziano (Pavia) location of the main warehouse,a wide range of products are distributed that satisfy needs in many application sectors ranging from hardware to construction sector, while the administration is managed at the company’s registered office located in Cascine Vica – Rivoli (Turin).

The professionalism and flexibility of its technical and commercial structure has determined that Nobex has now become a benchmark for many fastening professionals and a good comparison of product quality, functionality and technique.

Nobex has faced recently a process of reorganization and strengthening of its production capacity, through an important program of new investments which will further develop its position as leader in certain segments of the fastening systems production sector. Recently Nobex, very attentive to the environmental issue, has started a development program that involves the use of new environmentally friendly materials from recycling.

Nobex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which has recently renewed its quality system.


Company Profile

Nobex designs, manufactures and distributes products and services for fastening experts with the aim of satisfying the needs of its customers, professionally combining functionality and quality, structures and technologies through a unique and rational style that accompanies sector professionals in multiple daily activities.

Thanks to the ability to create innovative quality solutions in fastening systems, Nobex wants to confirm its position as a market leader, proposing itself as the technological partner of choice for its customers.


Nobex exports its know-how to in many countries around the world, adapting it to the most diversified construction systems.

In recent years, the evolution of construction techniques, the use of new construction materials and new safety regulations have generated a profound and significant transformation of fastening systems.

Through continuous research to improve its production processes, Nobex is gradually equipping itself with cutting-edge machinery and is also able ro supply cutomized product lines amd packagings. The logistics and warehouse organization of Siziano (PV) attentive to the needs and requests of Nobex customers, allows the company to offer a precise, punctual and effective service. From receipt, to preparation, to assembly, to packaging up to order fulfillment, there are ad hoc figures who follow the various processing stages.


Quality management has always been a constant commitment of the company policy of Nobex S.r.l. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, therefore it is able to guarantee the quality of the production process from the control of the raw material up to the final storage of the product, with the possibility of controlling the traceability of the production batch.

This result was possible thanks to the provisions of the Company Management and the constant and responsible commitment of the human resources of Nobex S.r.l., operating within the context of a strategy made up of objectives, organizational structures and cutting-edge technical means.